Partner with Makit

Welcome to Makit Products. Our company is located in Dallas, Texas. We produce unique dinnerware and drinkware from your photos, artwork and logos at wholesale prices. We are a behind-the-scenes company that produces and ships the orders you send us. We are ready to work for you with a dedicated staff and exemplary production facilities!

If you are looking to start a business, or grow your existing one, Makit Products will be your one-stop shop for dinnerware and drinkware products that you can sell. We are your factory. We work for you.

Photographers, designers, and entrepreneurs offer our products to their customers:
• School photographers not only sell prints, but also sell those prints on our photo gifts.
• Designers create unique, personalized dinnerware gifts that are sold in their shops.
• Entrepreneurs take photos of landmarks, events, or celebrations and use our products
to personalize and create unique mementos to be treasured or used everyday.
• You can offer company logos, school mascots, and company slogans on our products.




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