Classroom/Group Art Kits


Our Customers Love Us!

I can always count on an excellent job!
– Nancy, Maine 

Excellent Service!
– Shirley, Oklahoma

Very impressed with the vibrant colors,  it turned out better than I expected.
– Keri, Washington

As Always we were very happy to receive our products quickly and in excellent condition.
– Cindy, Florida

I am very impressed with your company and want to thank you for replacing the damaged items quickly.
– Danette, Idaho

I have used your products for many years and have always been happy with your product and the help of your employees.
– Esther, Ohio

I have used you for more than 20 years for my classroom Christmas gifts. My student’s parents don’t want any other gift. You do an excellent job!
– Jan, Texas

I appreciate your great customer service. One plate arrived cracked and you quickly arranged to send a replacement.
– Patricia, Washington

These plates are so great and I’m excited to have such a unique family heirloom! We have the whole set now!
– Rebecca, Colorado

I always appreciate calling and speaking to a “person” so quickly. Thank You for that personal touch!
– Susan, Missouri

This is the 32nd year I’ve been placing orders! The plates look better every year! Thank You
– Jill, Illinois

I was very impressed with how quickly my plates arrived. I had lost the order form and emailed customer service and received a reply in less than an hour. Great Service!
– Kelly, Michigan

Your Company made my Thanksgiving holiday! I placed a rush order hoping it would make it to my home on time, allowing a little over 2 weeks. When my order arrived 1 week after I mailed it to you, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. And made in the USA too!! Woo hoo! You guys rock!!!
– Tammy, Illinois

Thanks again for the plates. The service was very quick. I love that they are made in the USA.
– Rosalie, California

I adore your company!
 – Jane, Massachusetts

This is such a great product!
– Sarah, Minnesota

My rep. for the plates was prompt, friendly and responsive to my needs.
– Victoria, California

This project is the highlight of all the first graders year!
 – Paige, New Jersey

Very impressed with products!
 -  Michelle, Virginia

Excellent Service & Quality ~ for the past 10 years. We cherish your plates & will keep them forever! 
- Van, Missouri

Thank You so very much for being consistently superb!!I order from your company every year (for the past 15 years!!) and am always pleased with the results. I appreciate the free kits with my order because I order 75-100 plates a year. It really means a lot!!
Kandy, California

Great customer service, timely return of products, wonderful keepsakes! 
 - Maureen, Texas

As a primary teacher, I have been placing orders with your company for MANY, MANY, years. The word  which best describes MAKIT Products is “PERFECT”! Thank you so much! – Maggie,  Virginia

On my order I stated I needed my plates by May 19th – our last day of school – they came on May 5th – unbelievable!! Thanks a million I love them – so will moms, Dads – Until next year Thanks
– Linette, Minnesota

I have been doing this for 6-7 years and the kindergarten children were simply amazed as always! Thanks for including the “MADE IN THE USA” letter. I read them the making of a plate section & they had many ?’s If you were closer we would make it a community awareness trip!!
-  Carol,  Massachusetts

Thank you very much! Your company always does an excellent job! As well as customer service!
 -   FNA Parents as Teachers,  Arizona

Awesome Service again and very pleased at the turnaround time. Moms are always pleased with their “surprise”
 -  Beverly,   Michigan

April slipped by and I realized I needed my plates by May 2nd. I couldn’t afford to do the rush shipping but was able to pay $20.00 for the in plant rush. I mailed the plate templates Tuesday, April 19th and received my plates today, Thursday April 28th! I was so excited! Very impressive! I am very pleased!
-  Kristy,   Indiana

I have ordered mugs and flower pots for a number of years. I have always been very happy with them. This is the first year I am trying the picture frames. I am very impressed with the quality of the frames.
 -  Pat,   Indiana

You have wonderful Customer Service agents that equals the quality of the product we purchased. Thanks !  -  Kathryn, Washington 

We order every year for Mother’s Day! Your service was speedy quick this year. I think my order took 1 Day for process. I don’t know, but it was fast.
– Stephanie,  Texas

My 1st experience with your company was many years ago. My products (plates) were received in excellent condition and beautifully done! I still have it! My experience this time with you has been as I expected, Excellent! I am definitely spreading the word about the good quality of your work.
– Alma, Pennsylvania

The sizes of the trays were perfect for our pre-k lunches, and have helped us save tons of paper trash from not using disposable trays. Thanks!
– Kira,  Illinois

As usual product came in record time & in excellent condition. This is one project we do that I do in complete confidence. Thanks!
 – Christine, California

Free Shipping offer is GREAT!
– Lisa, Indiana

I love the Snap it frames
– Beckie, Mississippi 

We are very pleased.
 – Kathy, Tennessee

I have been your customer for 9 years and will continue to do so in future.
 – Malvindar, California

We love these plates! It’s so fun to make and then use them every day with my family. We have made these also with my childcare and they love them!
– Carolyn, California

Impressed with how fast my product came back to me
– Kellie, Minnesota

This is my 7th year ordering from you and I am always happy with how my products turn out.
– Karen, Maryland

I called & talked to customer service before I sent our order. Customer service was very friendly and helpful. I can’t wait to give my girls in the troop their plates. Again Thank you, we are very happy. – Kathy, Oklahoma

It has always been a pleasure to do business with you!
– Heidi, North Carolina 

We always love ordering from your company! We probably would be unable if we didn’t get free shipping. Thank You for that!!
– Ann, Ohio 

I adore your company!
– Katz, Massachusetts

I love Make – A – Plate. I’ve been doing plates since 1973 and now do them with my children. They Love them. Recipients also love them! – Wiggin, California

You make great products that we value as keepsakes at a great price! Thanks
 –   Heidi, Pennsylvania

Your products & customer service are always great
–   Marlboro Jewish Center,  New Jersey

You should have seen the SMILE and the glisten in the eyes of my students as we unpacked the plates!! It was well worth the investment. Thanks for being the wonderful company you are. It is always GREAT working with you! – Pamela, Wisconsin

Thank You for your wonderful service. It is a huge hit every year at our Breakfast with Santa.
– Shannon, Virginia

The plates look great! Thanks for doing an excellent job!
– Amber, Minnesota

I love dealing with your company. I’ve been making these plates with nieces, nephews and now my own kids for almost 20 years and never had a problem – And most of those old plates are still around!!

– Marianne, Michigan

I received prompt and personal service from start to finish. The broken plate problem was handled quickly and without a problem. You made it very easy – thank you!
– Katherine, California

My daughters make a special plate for Santa’s cookies every year at Christmas time. After 9 years we have a fun collection to look back upon. Thank you for providing us a fun and affordable family tradition.
– Lori, California

Love your products, such great memories!
– Michelle, Michigan

Thank you! The quality of the photo plates was the best yet! The drawings were also very sharp in the finished products. I was especially impressed with my sons  Air Force plate, since he had to write so small to include the entire Airman’s Creed – It is excellent.
– Ruth, Kansas

As a kindergarten teacher, I used your service for 24 years. Now as a retired grandmother of 11, we do plates every Thanksgiving. Yes, it has become our family “China.” 
– Mary, New Jersey

I am impressed with how quickly our items were shipped!!
– Keelee, Illinois

We had templates left over from 15 years ago and decided to let our grandkids make a plate. The Markers were still useable but we had forgotten about leaving the edge free of color. Somebody worked hard to make sure the important parts on the edge still showed. Thanks for going the extra distance!
– Barbara, California

I have ordered from you since Christmas 1971. That should definitely speak to the level of satisfaction I have with you!
- Kirk, Illinois

The free shipping we received allowed us to order this year!!
– Ann, Ohio 

Your company has excellent service and your products are high quality.
– Jeanne, California

These are amazing – I can’t wait to use them!
– Jennifer, Minnesota

Appreciated the free shipping! It helps parents out and keeps the price down so more students order. Thanks!!
 – Sharma, Utah

Very pleased with how well the plates & mugs hold up to regular use.
–  Deb, Minnesota

Our Order came quicker than expected. All was well. I appreciate & count on your prompt & excellent service year after year. Thank you.
– Jean, Illinois

Completely satisfied with our order. No Broken plates – All were accounted for. Perfect!
 – Sue, Nebraska

We were very pleased with the quality of your product. When I called Customer Service, prior to sending in our order, I was very pleased with the helpfulness and pleasant attitude of the person I was speaking too.  Wonderful turnaround time on order. Coupons were wonderful!
– Lynn, Indiana

Fabulous products & quick turnaround.
– Jennifer, Washington

I love this company! We use it every year at Christmas time. Love the photo plates especially.
– Julie, Minnesota

I am continually impressed with how quickly you are able to turn around my classes plates. The quality is fine and the parents are always delighted.
– Elizabeth, California

I order these photo plates every year for my Day Care parents & they love them – They are the most wonderful & treasured gift I can give to them. Never stop making these – they are Fantastic!

-  Carol, Minnesota

My order was supposed to be delivered in 3-4 weeks. It was a Christmas present so promptness was important, it came in 1 ½ weeks.   AWESOME!
– Sally, Illinois

Customer Service reps are always so polite and helpful. This is uncommon these days and greatly appreciated!!
– Cindy, Florida

Very prompt service. We have your plates from 1977 and use them often. Continue the good work – Thanx
– Karen, Illinois

Terrific product! I still have plates made by my children who are now 45 & 42 years old! They are priceless!

We enjoy working with your company. The plates are lovely and your customer service people are so nice to answer my questions. Thanks too for kit of 30 sheets for next year.
Lynn – Indiana

Great fast service again this year. (Actually Faster Service! Thanks!!
 – David, Michigan

This is the second year I have made a large order with your company. Both times my 100+ order divided into 5 groups have been wonderful! Thanks!
– Denise, Pennsylvania

Your staff is helpful and very nice. I like that you get to talk with a real person when calling your place of business.
 – Angela, Michigan

Thanks, the service for my recent order was nothing short of incredible. I ordered a plate which my daughter colored for Mother’s day. I didn’t anticipate it being back on time but your company had it back to us very early and made our holiday. I will most definitely be recommending your services to those I know. Thank you again.

- Anthony, Missouri

I have been ordering these plates with my class for 42 years.
- Sister Hilary, Illinois

We are very satisfied with your product! Our Kindergarten teachers have been ordering for many years! I have been in the program for 9 years and I know they ordered from you before that! Thanks for making Mother’s Day a special occasion for us!

–Paula, Alabama

Nice & Fast – Great project for the girls – they loved it!
– Debbie, New York