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About Us

About Us
Thanks for visiting MakIt Products Inc.'s online home!  MakIt is a proud Texas manufacturer, producing up to 1 million plates every year for our customers. Since 1969, kids of all ages have been creating their own unique artwork. We then craft that art into personalized treasures made by you. In addition to being the ideal kids arts and crafts activity, MakIt products are terrific homemade gifts for celebrating holidays and milestones – the ideas are endless!

Our History
Makit began as the creation of Bob Hodges in 1969 . One day a neighbor, who was a teacher said, "Wouldn't it be fantastic to capture kids' artwork on something useful, instead of it falling off the refrigerator and throwing it out?" With a background in plastics and dinnerware manufacturing, Bob saw an opportunity to create an arts and crafts medium that children and parents would love. The Make A Plate was born! School teachers across the country continue to use MakIt for class art projects and fundraisers. Family traditions also have sprung up as new generations create designs that become heirlooms.

Today, there's more to MakIt than just the Make a Plate. Not content to rest on our laurels after 30 years, we worked for almost a decade until we found a way to make beautiful Photo Plates you will love to call your own. Now, whether you create amazing art or take beautiful Photos, we will embed those images in a range of products including bowls, mugs, tumblers and platters. 

Our products are proudly made in the USA, and we purchase all of our materials and components from American businesses. Since we don’t ship things in from overseas, we also reduce the environmental impact of your beloved MakIt purchase.  

The MakIt Experience
Kids and adults alike love Make A Plate for the time spent together drawing unique designs, and the prized plates that serves as tangible, beloved memories for years. That creative, do-it-yourself component makes our craft projects a favorite of groups and classrooms (organizations can even earn revenue through our fundraising program). Kids experience joy when they receive their personalized plate, and they use it for months on end. The care and customization that go into each handmade design also make our handmade crafts the perfect gift for loved ones. Whether it’s precious artwork hand-drawn by a child or a cherished photo from a special family outing, your results are always memorable!

Our Process
Our time-tested, proprietary technique actually embeds your drawing or image into your MakIt item, making it impossible to wear out or flake off. Your MakIt items will be permanent treasures in your heart and home.

Our Customers
Since customers literally have a hand in creating every product at MakIt, their positive testimonials essentially reflect what they think about our end of the production process – and the news is good!

“We've been ordering plates from you since 1985. We have over 100 customized plates and have been giving them to teachers, families and friends for years. We're known as "The Plate People"! I've been making plates since I was 3 -- I started by tracing my hands and making plates for my bus drivers and elementary teachers. These days I still love making plates. I make them for friends, colleagues, and weddings. Over 25 years, my plates have made it from my family's house all the way to California, West Africa and Thailand and still going!”  

- Sangeeta 

“It was the early 1970's. Little league was big, summer was spent on the lake fishing with my dad and I was a Boy Scout. I remember making this plate as part of a craft project with the Boy Scouts. I was so proud to bring it home and show it off. Fast-forward: I am now 45 years old with a grown daughter of my own. This plate has been used and washed thousands of times by myself, younger sisters and fought over by my niece and nephews as to who gets to use Uncle Mark's plate at dinner. 
 - Mark  

“I created this plate in 1972 or 1973 as a gift for my Mom--I can't remember exactly when. I know it was one of my mom's most prized possessions. She used it for years like a normal plate and even when I was in my Thirty's she called me to tell me how much she loved it. I am so glad I made her happy. 

 - William 

Have your own MakIt memory to share? Tell us about a special moment you and/or your child had while using one of our products by emailing info@makit.com.

As the only company that produces melamine dinnerware embedded with your original artwork, MakIt is committed to making handmade, personalized items your family can treasure forever.